What We Do:

Dr. Ruenes, Dr. GUEYE, and Directors of the Hospital in Dakar. Photo by Bob KristASSISTS trains African surgeons in contemporary surgical techniques to treat prostate cancer and gynecologic fistula. The goal is to create and develop a Center of Surgical Excellence to teach doctors to treat these diseases and save lives in their own environment. Training them there is critical.  Not only do they learn to deliver treatment within the constraints of their compromised healthcare system but the process is culturally aware, sustainable, and dignified.

ASSISTS was founded by urologist, Dr. Albert Ruenes, Jr., along with Professor Serigne Gueye of Dakar’s Hospital General de Grand Yoff.  Dr. Gueye is also the President of the African Organization for Research and Training in Africa (AORTIC).   ASSISTS evolved from Dr Ruenes’ first teaching trip to Senegal in 2004 at the request of Dr. Gueye.  Dr. Ruenes has returned each year to Dakar to teach African doctors a minimally invasive and cost-effective prostate surgery that is well suited to the treatment needs of African men and the existing clinical facilities.  The program has expanded to include fistula repair education and training.